DHMP (DOOM High-res Model Project)



  • I have to say, the Cacodemon model is great, however, on the dead Cacodemon making the bottom completely even red because you would never see under it as it is on the ground... is a tiny miscalculation:

  • Hi,

    Just been checking out some of the videos so far and I must say these models are looking really nice you guys!

    Keep up the awesome work!


  • any progress updates on the spider mastermind or cyberdemon?
  • I have run into issues making the explosions for them. I guess particles is the way but the particle system is still the old system, so i'm waiting for the new renderer particles system
  • Great! Good to hear still progressing, really a fun time these models are super high rez and really well done. Thanks for the updates, I enjoy this as much as the new Doom!
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