Sapphire Wand



  • Vermil wrote:
    I think the Cleric's cloud generators look a little big though
    That effect is more tall than original, but the same width. Anyway, only debug render for damage zones could help me to determine the exact size of the effect.
    Vermil wrote:
    and I'm not convinced the un-textextured particles the centre spits off are needed at all.
    If you're about small sparks, I have more gameplay than art reason to add it. I always use a small amount of big particles to prevent fillrate overdraw. But particles are fading to full transparent then it close to camera and one could step in his own trap. Small sparks have greater amount and space distribution, so some of them are always visible.
    Vermil wrote:
    I do see a small gap between the Cleric's flechette disappearing and the cloud appearing though
    I could fix it.
    Vermil wrote:
    The actual flechette model though, looks a bit plain
    Don't know what to do with that your feel. I think the model match the spite well. Maybe it brighter in some bright zones due to lighting effects.

  • I think it may be the shinemap that make the flechette look brighter to me.

    It is my understanding that different video cards and/or monitors can render them at different brightness.
  • Blending of shinemaps on models was an issue with certain old ATI video cards. It may have been due to a bug in the model renderer itself, though, as the ATI OpenGL drivers are far less forgiving than say NVidia.

    Personally I think the flechette (and poison clouds) are looking great. Excellent work as usual veirdo. BTW, if you do want to see the bounding/collision boxes for mobjs you can enable drawing of these via the gear button in the Renderer Settings menu of the task bar.
  • When entering Darkmere, There is a cloud of fog that crosses the swamp. This WIP changes it radically if set to load first. setting it to load last does not change the cloud. I find no mention of this cloud in the pk3 so I don't know why it happens. I do like the change as it makes the cloud stand out more but the animation is a bit jerky, a bit like paging.
  • PostFatal wrote:
    the animation is a bit jerky, a bit like paging
    I also noticed that little "popping" effect for a cloud. And it seems to occur for "mobj" Generators only as it's unregular or inconstant spawn rate. I'll change it to "state" triggered Generator for a smooth animation.
    UPD. The "Mobj" Generators are OK. Moderate offcenter motion for particles helped me to rid off that popping effect.
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    New FireBomb Fx playblast.
    Ready to "export" to Doomsday.
  • I really like the explosion effect.

    As usual, keep it up :)
  • Update to 1.3
    - Flechette pickup model and GUI icon
    - Flechette animations and effects for all three classes
    - Quartz Flask GUI icon
    - 3 pre-rendered particle sequences for the effects and some other particle textures

    Do not use this pack with jXCCP 1.31 if you don't want to see weird results. I'll update it soon.
  • That's really really great stuff. I can't wait for the fighter weapons. Keep up the good work!
  • I have a news, bad and good :)

    The bad news:
    During the preparation of the previous pack I forgot about pitch black areas, such as in Guardian of Ice. And all (Flechette) models and effects are almost invisible there, or looking bad.

    The good news:
    All those problems are solved in 1.31
    - added light definitions for the "warn" states of the Flechettes, so they now glow in the dark and lit a small surrounding areas.
    - added new pre-rendered flame sequence for the particles. For now it used for the fire trails in FireBomb Explosion FX.

    Stay tuned! ;)
  • very nice work on the flechette :)
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    A little sidestep from weapons'n'guns. WIP
    <link truncated>
    Will be added along with the spiked gauntlets weapon in the mid of june, I think.
  • Consider making the eyes on the face into sub models and making them full bright?

    On the lit version I mean; I know there is also an unlit version of that mobj.

    That said, the higher resolution of the model kind of highlights the simplicity of that particular sprite.
  • looks great!

    good work as usual veirdo, that standing torch looks good :D
  • one man doing amazing job. i wish everything had that dedication.
  • Wow, that's amazing. It would be really good if you create models for the decorations. I just can't wait... Keep up the good work!
  • veirdo, your work is really great, I usually play Doom/Heretic/Hexen with original look, however with such a quality work as yours, I would really like to replay Hexen again with. May I have a little suggestion? The texture on that spiked brazier thing could use a bit more contrast.
  • Hi Mathuzzz! You have a right words, but you're a little late :)
    First of all, it was an early WIP image, current version have more details and contrast.
    And there are no any light in that scene, just plain texture color. In game it have much more contrast with shadows/highlights on the geometry.
  • great work on texturing, but for me the blood vessels on the arm are not looking realistic, the shape is ok, but from the coloring its looks strange....
  • The sprite had some pretty noticible veins as well. However, I agree that they are currently far too pronounced, perhaps because they currently lack shading (I understand it's a WIP).

    I'm not sure that the closer part of the arm (I believe one can divide the arm into two parts based off the generally vertical line down the middle of it) doesn't look a little too small compared to the distant part?

    What bothers me though is the shape of the fist. Would look better more clenched perhaps, rather than that 'right angle'. Also perhaps the angle of the fist looks a little tilted downward compared to the arm and rest of the glove?
  • The texture is not finished yet, the camera angle is not match the game camera, the hand is not clenched to fist yet, but thanks for the comments guys.
  • Looking good so far Veirdo, keep it up :)

    Btw, once Doomsday will support better model formats, will you release your pack in different model formats too?
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    Yes Milten, I'm really looking forward for a new model format and a world renderer. But I think it's still too early to talk about that. No certain model format have been announced yet.

    Here is an animation frames for ingame states. The fist model is a combination between a "gauntlets of necromancer" from Heretic (the first frame for the Fighter's gauntlets) and a Fighter's fist in attack state.
  • model & anim looks great so far :)

    fighter is my fave class to play with in hexen,
    nothing beats just straight-up punching monsters in the face >:)

    so i love that you'll be doing the fighter's weapons now :D
  • Simply fantastic work veirdo, thats a massive step up in quality from the existing HUD model. The animation is a little stiff presently but I've no doubt you'll fix that.
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    Thanks DaniJ! Now I have a working game model, and I'm almost happy with it but one thing. The attack animation normally begins from the "PUNCHREADY" state and it's ok. But I don't want to start from the "PUNCHREADY" state then I got a "A_ReFire" action. The only thing I could do to avoid it is not to use ready_to_attack animation frames in "PUNCHATK1_1" state. But maybe you have some state definition tricks?

    I've change the left hand animation not to fully disappear in the attack state (except over-punch) and that fix a problem. There are some minor issues to fix, so I think a new pack will be ready in a week.
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    Hexen1-style Wall Torch.
    No side handles => no wall align problems :)
  • great looking torch veirdo!
    fancy but not to super-fancy and fitting withing the low-poly world of hexen :)

    also great work on the gauntlets <3
    looks just like the sprite but in HD :D
  • Perfect, a torch with no worries.
  • Update!
    HUD_Mage_v.1.31 => HexenWeapons_0.444
    - HUD Spiked Gauntlets model
    - Punch FX
    - Flame Mask item (and icon)
    - Wall Torch decoration
    - Twined Torch decoration
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