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Master levels for Doom2

edited 2013 Aug 11 in DOOM
Hello! :)

I'm trying to play the master levels for doom2.

I copied the wads from steam to my doom2 maps folder.
Well that seemed to work for most maps. (haven't tried all)

However when I try to play the "VIRGIL.WAD" or "BLACKTWR.WAD" map it instead loads the first Doom2 level.


  • Which version of Doom are you using (ZDoom, Doomsday engine, Boom, etc.)?

    When this has happened to me it usually meant that the Wad file was not meant to be played with the version of Doom I had (which in this case I do not think that is your problem) OR that it was meant to be played in a certain map number other than map number one.

    After picking the wad file that I wanted to use and loading it and when the first or number one Doom episode appeared I would bring up the console (Tilde key or shift – Esc) and key in Warp 2 and see if the new wad file played. If it did not I would then try Warp 3 and so on until I found the proper map number.

    If it turned out to be Map 25 that the wad played under (you will know because you will not see the normal Doom map 25 (in this case) but the new wad file you are trying to play, I would rename the wad file by adding the map number that worked as part of its name (Virgil.wad to Virgil25.wad) so next time I would know which map number it will play with. If the Wad file has a .txt file with it usually it will tell which map number it is meant to be played with.

    Hope this works for you but I am just guessing.
  • This is the kind of situation where the listmaps command comes in handy. This command outputs a breakdown of which maps have been loaded and from which file, along with their associated identifier. From this you can determine; A) the map has been loaded correctly and B) the arguments one would need to specify with a warp command, to start at that map.
  • Wow, Thanks Danij! I will definitely be using that command. My way was very time consuming and on occasion by the time I found the correct map number I was out of the mood to play the Wad file.
  • Thanks Danij

    I Will try :)
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