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Heretic E1M8 does not load

edited 2013 Jul 17 in Heretic
When I finish E1M7 and close the stats screen, the engine starts loading E1M8 but never succeedes. The doomsday.out contains the following log entries:
Loading map "E1M8"...
World::loadMap > WadMapConverter: Recognized a Doom format map.
Map: Pruned 35 vertexes (0 equivalents, 35 unused).
^ : Geometry bounds:[(-1920, -3880)->(896, 2816) size:(2816, 6696)]
^ : Line blockmap dimensions:(23, 53)
^ : BSP built: 202 Nodes, 203 Leafs, 1031 Segments and 124 Vertexes.
Tree balance is 10:11.
^ : BSP built in 0.033 seconds.
^ : Mobj blockmap dimensions:(23, 53)
^ : Polyobj blockmap dimensions:(23, 53)
^ : BSP leaf blockmap dimensions:(23, 53)
^ > S_DetermineBspLeafsAffectingSectorReverb: Completed in 0.001 seconds.
Current map elements:
  424 Vertexes
  355 Lines
  0 Polyobjs
  61 Sectors
  202 BSP Nodes
  203 BSP Leafs
  1031 Segments
Map::initNodePiles: Completed in 0 seconds.
P_PtcInitForMap: Completed in 0.002 seconds.
Map::initSkyFix: Completed in 0 seconds.


  • It seems that it is caused by something from the addon. If I disable the addons, everything is fine...

    P.S. I found what causes that freeze - it is an addon named Decorations Updated 20110322 version 1.01
  • I've not come across this add-on before. Do you know where we might download it for debugging?
  • The pk3 file (decor-decor.pk3) is here: ;)
  • It seems to be getting stuck in an infinite loop whilst trying to spawn one of the plane particle generators. I'm currently looking into a potential fix...

    Edit: This issue has now been fixed for the next candidate build.
  • Great. It is loading the level now. I will continue on with the testing ;)
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