My best compilation of models for Doom



  • Maybe similar to Doom 3 one day, but better in some ways. Doom 3 didn't have the corpses stick around with death animations and damage stages, like Doomsday has. Even though I downloaded an addon that prevented the bodies from evaporating for several minutes, it just didn't feel the same as the fast-paced Classic Doom where the dead bodies stayed on the ground with death effects. Also, I hope Doom 4 can be a sequel to Classic Doom 2.
  • Impresive!

    Doom 3 has a Mod called Doom 3 HQ. Is really awsome and have the feature for the bodies don't dissapear.

    But his effect such DOF, HDR, Bloom, works terrible on ATi cards. Maybe a bad performance code with ATi.

    However, Doom 4 I think that will be incredible. These project are reseted many times because the art concept doesn't match with classic Doom.

    So, I hope that happens when D4 be released.
  • I have a Radeon HD 6870. Maybe that card wouldn't have the driver issues, or maybe if I got a 7970 when the price goes down enough. That might have drivers with no glitches.
  • Doom 3 HQ, Doom 3 Sikk, Doom 3 GTX, Doom 3 Realism, Doom 3 any graphics mod etc don't work fine on ATi HD7000 Series (I've the HD7970).

    For the other hand, Doom 3 BFG work greats on my video card.

    I've been doing a thorough analysis of what's happens. And I've noticed that there is two problems involucred.

    But... heemm, this is a topic of other post/forum/comunity

    ghGHahgahahjajajaja! its funny, XDDD! LOL!
  • All I know is it would be neat to have an all new upgraded hi-poly normal-mapped monster pack with damage stages, etc. Should have been done a long time ago, and I hope it will happen in the foreseeable future ;) The Arch Vile surely needs updated.
  • Sure!

    All us want the same! B-)
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