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There is a patch to compile all master levels into one .wad file here, and it works in zdoom and shows a menu in doom 2 to select to play Doom 2 or the Master Levels. When i use with doomsday, that option doesn't appear, so i assume that doomsday has made their own menu system or something.

Is there anyway to put the menu in with a .def file or something like it shows up in zdoom? or even a custom command to allow the games menu to show in game instead of what doomsday has made?


  • I'd be interested in seeing this too! Sounds like a great idea, and I used to love the playstation Final Doom.
  • It should be possible to construct an interactive menu like that using InFine.
  • Unfortunantly, i am no coder, let's hope someone with spare time however can do this however as everybody has been asking about the master level's, so the want is high demand.
  • DaniJ wrote:
    It should be possible to construct an interactive menu like that using InFine.
    Well, the only way I see to implement the menu would be to bind a key for each choice, as InFine has no variables. Is that what you meant?
  • Indeed it would be somewhat clumsy, requiring an event handler for each choice (e.g., press 1 to load and play somemod.wad, press 2 to load and play someotherwad.wad) however it should be doable (certainly once ringzero has been merged to the master).

    Ultimately Doomsday Script and the Scripted UI will replace this functionality with a much more robust tool set, however that won't happen until 1.9.8 at the earliest.
  • It seems to me this would just be easier to replace the first 20 levels in Doom2 as a normal add-on, and select it from snowberry.
  • For those with mod authoring knowledge yes, however this script would be an easy way for the average user to play the master levels as a set.
  • Well, it certainly would be nice to see this as an add-on from the doom2 menu.
  • as a quick reminder to anyone trying to get the Master Levels to run:

    the way that i did it is this: i made a separate game through the doomsday engine frontend for each map, youll end up with 19 (note that TEETH or The Express Elevator to Hell contains 2 maps). basically just set the game to be loaded as Doom 2, then select one (VERY important that it is just one ill explain later) map and select whatever addons you want and run it. the master levels act as a replacement for certain maps in doom 2. so like say Black Tower replaces map 25 so you warp to 25 and so on so you will have to bring up the console "~key" and type: warp (map number). however the vast majority of maps in ML replace the first map so you cant just run them all at once. same goes for the rest bc the rest either replace map 7 or 9. of course you should buy them and the easiest way to get them is off steam.

    list of maps and number they replace:

    mapname map it replaces
    attack 1
    mephisto 7
    minos 5
    nessus 7
    paradox 1
    subspace 1
    subterra 1
    titan manor 1
    trappedontitan 1
    TEETH 31 and 32 secret level
    vesperas 9
    blacktower(fave^_^) 25
    virgil 3
    bloodsea 7
    canyon 1
    catwalk 1
    combine 1
    fistula 1
    garrison 1
    geryon 8

    they all run but i cant promise all the addons will work with them. the 3d models work but i believe the hi res textures pack will cause some issues i noticed on a certain map it just replaced some textures inside a building with a black nothingness.

    once you buy them from steam you can find the wad files in: C:program files/steam/steamapps/common/master levels of doom
  • i was able to merge the master levels into a megawad and load it as its own game in snowberry, that should do the trick if i am allowed (by moderators) i could upload it so we can all play some co-op
  • yes please post the file. How can you choose the episode, is it in the game options?
  • Sorry but the Master Levels is copyrighted material. If you wish to share it then you'll have do so via some other means - we don't allow stuff like that on our forums.
  • @thechadisgr8: Perhaps an compromise would be to detail the process you used to create the MegaWAD so that anyone that already has the Master Levels could follow it and create their own.
  • Well i linked the tool in the first post to combine them all in one wad, all that needs done is for doomsday to work with it.
  • I made it like 7 years ago, ill have to try and remember what i dide, i know it was a dos program like wadmerg or something like that
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