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Enemies in Air - Coop Multiplayer Bug ?

edited 2012 May 10 in Technical Support
newbie to DE wants to ask if this bug is already known @jHeretic in Coop Mode :)
using win7 x64 with doomsday_1.9.8_build495 and the enemies walk in air or stuck in wall.
looks for me that this bug is on every map in jHeretic server (can reproduce).


  • Loss of connection to the host?
  • It actually seems to be a regression. The client should realize that the enemies are standing on the ground and adjust their Z coordinate appropriately when they, e.g., walk down stairs, but it seems that presently this is not happening correctly. I'll investigate.

    EDIT: Fixed for 497. The client was failing to determine the correct floor height for things because the code was still assuming the old number type for coordinates (we changed our coordinate precision recently). Thanks for reporting the issue!
  • * same problem @jDoom in Coop Mode
    * same problem @jHexen in Coop Mode

    - enemies walk in air (some enemies cant be shoot to kill)
    - enemies stuck in wall / stuck in air
    - some enemies even walk through the wall like "noclip"
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