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Console in MAC OS X

edited 2010 Apr 6 in DOOM

I have just made my registration on that forum.

I think that the answer to my question is obvious for you. I made a search but that does not work.

What's the key to get the doom console ?
On my macbook I don't find the right key. It's neither "esc" nor "#"...

Thanks for your help !


  • On PCs, it's the ` key (unshifted |) at the top left, next to the '1' key - not sure if the Mac has something similar but I hope this points you in the right direction.
  • Thanks for your help but it did not work. :(

    I found another solution (I am running doomsday engine 1.90-beta 6.8)

    Launch Doom2, then :

    1) use the escape key
    2) select "options"
    3) then "control panel"
    4) then clic on the "console" button on the left
    5) put your key on "activation key" on the right

    Now it's working ;)
  • IIRC the default console key on the Mac is the key on the left side of Z. (Same one that you would use with Command to cycle between the windows of an application.)
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