External MIDI hardware

Hi there

I am running Windows 10 and wondered if I was missing an option somewhere to enable the use of external MIDI hardware. I have a MU50 and SC-55 Mark 2 so was eager to use the real hardware rather than emulation or recordings?



  • Doomsday does not directly support external MIDI hardware. I'm not sure how Windows 10 handles this, but at least in the past I recall it was possible to configure Windows' MIDI output to use an external device in the operating system settings. In Doomsday's audio settings, music should then use the "Windows Multimedia" music plugin.
  • Windows 10 by default doesn't support to switch Windows MIDI devices anymore. The MIDI Mapper has been removed, however, you can use third-party-programs for that.

    I use Coolsoft MIDI Mapper:

    @glidem You will also need a MIDI interface, either through an audio interface or something like the Roland UM-ONE (cheaper ones will work too), which will connect via USB select that device via the Coolsoft MIDI Mapper so it'll send the MIDI Data through your sound modules.
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