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Master lvl's for Doom II

edited 2009 Dec 28 in DOOM
I have a question about the master lvl's for Doom II.
How can I play them correctly in doomsday.
I am able to play some of the maps but the problem is I think that some of the maps replace map 25 or 04 etc.
Most of them replace map01 so as soon as I select a difficulty lvl it will begin to play the new map.
I was wondering if it is possible to select which map I want to play so I don't have to play standard doom II maps every time to just get to that new map, there has to be an easier way.

I saw that there is a command called DmAncwarp that can be used to skip to a certain map but the command doesn't work as soon as I type DmAnc the command simply disappears.
I'm certainly not an expert with the Doomsday engine so my question may be a bit noobish but any help would be appreciated.


  • Open the console and type warp 25 and you should warp into level 25. I think the original doom level warp cheat idclev25 should work as well.
  • Warp 25 did the trick alright.
    Seems I was looking in the wrong direction with the commands.
    Thanks alot.
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