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Support for >128 Textures

edited 2016 Oct 27 in Technical Support
Hello Dengine team,

Was wondering if there was going to be support (or if there currently is support that I'm not aware of) for textures exceeding 128 pixels in height? I am designing a "Megawad" pack and apart of this pack will be textures from other sources, some which are 64x192. Would this be possible with Dengine? The goal is that this Megawad pack is to support Dengine (and I guess ZDoom, because that source port works with everything apparently!), but mainly Dengine, because it's awesome!


  • Yes, DDay supports textures more than 128 high.
  • Hi Vermil,

    So I've gotten it only to work if I use HD Textures (using -pwadtex as a startup parameter, placing customtext.tga/png inside data/JHeretic/Textures, however when I don't use High resolution textures, the textures do not show up, they just appear black. Where as in ZDoom for instance, I can use the texture from the pwad. It should be noted that if the texture is of proper size, then I do not face this issue.

    I guess it doesn't really matter, however I would have liked the flexibility for people to use regular or HD textures with dengine.
  • Dday's in-pwad support of non-Doom format textures is currently broken.
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