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DaniJ's Infernal Machine

edited 2015 Dec 17 in Off-Topic
I noted on the “WADS In Progress” site that in 5_29_04 you had a 3 WAD set in progress called “Infernal Machine” and in 2_2_13 someone asked if this project was still alive.

Is it?


  • My Infernal Machine project is no longer in progress. I may return to this at some point but right now I believe my time is better spent on Doomsday itself. Although, I would perhaps be interested in collaborating with map authors to resurrect the project, as I still believe the ideas I had for it are fairly unique and could result in a worthwhile and interesting mod that takes full advantage of the unique features Doomsday provides.
  • Greetings folks!
    I am new to DE and add-ons... but not to programming where I have 31+yrs.
    I'm trying to learn a bit about creating custom PWads and found this post.
    Can I ask what app you were using while working on your project?
    (And of course what platform, as I use Windows)
    Also do you have any good links I could use to get up to speed?

    Many thanks in advance!
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