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DM server up and running!

edited 2014 Oct 14 in General

I have setup a hopefully/for the most part/dedicated server. :)

Server is The Megasphere, I ,II ,and III..

All running standard Doom2 Deathmatch 2, eg DM2.

However, Server III is running Dweller2.wad. You will need to load DE up with Dweller2.wad prior to connecting to server III.. ...


I will try to keep the server up and running. ~ Please keep in mind that it's a central US server!

ps, I wish DE or Snowberry had a /getwad command added for connecting clients!

Thanks, Have fun!


  • Nice.
    I had to take mine down just before my move.
    If the ping isn't too bad for me, I would be keen to game.
  • Hi,

    I haven't looked to see if this has already been a feature request, but I'd like to request that multiplayer "deathmatch" could have a no exit flag or maybe a server-game-noexit 1 added.

  • If you're running a map cycle (which I presume you are), then you can disable regular exits with the cvar server-game-mapcycle-noexit.

    Aside: Feature requests should generally be made by submitting to the RFE tracker. They tend to get lost or forgotten about if mentioned in a "random" post here in the forum.
  • Hi,

    Okay thanks!
    I'll have to add the command to the server console.

    Aside from this not needing to be a feature request then, I have a new request:
    1. Could DE at some point have a /getwad feature added? ~ or at least something like it.
    2. Or perhaps the ability to download a hosted pwad directly from the hosted server? ~ allowing the client a yes|no to download.
    3. or maybe a download link added from server console which would display either in the in-game server list or on the master server web page?

    In part of the above, the ability to automatically load or unload a pwad which is or isn't requested by a hosted game if the client already has it in his/her addons directory. ~ otherwise the client will end up connecting to a server which requires a pwad to be loaded, if it's not, then the player will end up connecting anyway but will be in the wrong map, eg a stock map/level.
    For this^, the client should not be able to connect (with reason message) to a given server which has a pwad loaded. eg the client shouldn't be able to connect to any server unless all files that the server is running are loaded on client side prior to connecting.

    The above should mainly have to do with addon resources such as pwad or deh files which would have nothing to do with other client side enhancements like model or texture addons etc.

    I'll be sure to add this request to the tracker also btw.

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