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Internal thinker data and other changes

edited 2014 Aug 18 in Developers
It's been a month since the last post, so let's take a look at what's changed in the master branch. While nothing particularly major has been merged, a number of noteworthy things have been committed.
  • Thinkers (map objects, doors, etc.) can now have internal data that the game plugin is not aware of. This is an important refactoring that I explained in my blog: Internal data for thinkers. It has enabled cleaning up various things inside the engine, and will benefit us even more in the future.
  • Minor performance improvements with window resizing and popup backgrounds.
  • Minor HiDPI tweaks.
  • Fixes for the revised DED database: we're basing DEDs on components from Doomsday Script to allow full interoperability with scripts.
  • Qt 5 related cleanup. We are switching to Qt 5 as the primary platform, while Qt 4.8 remains supported also (possibly with some limitations in the future).
  • Updated the SDK build with regard to Qt 5. The SDK build is now fully working also on Windows, although it is still not ready for public distribution. A test application called "test_appfw" was set up to test that everything is working. At some point in the future, all the Doomsday apps will be built against the SDK.
  • Revised the way .packs are built (via qmake). The old way was still using the old .pk3 script; the new one is aware of the characteristics of the new style packages.
  • DaniJ made a number of changes related to dynamically updating the game menus, so that their content can change depending on the loaded game or add-on.


  • Got a question. Doomsday is much better at loading addons and user friendly than gzdoom even with zdl. Drag and drop doesn't load other addons and zdoom seems useless when trying to load addons, especially without zdl. I play brutal doom with certain files (using the Zandrodum exe that came with it and zdl) it came with and it works though with zandorun that came with it. I was hoping someday Doomsday could support brutal doom, all the pros without the hassle or cons. It is fun stuff, though the graphics and interface (text) are not nearly as good. Maybe one day this can and will happen? Combine the best of all worlds. maybe this is a plan eventually?
  • gary wrote:
    I was hoping someday Doomsday could support brutal doom, all the pros without the hassle or cons.
    Support for Brutal Doom requires implementing many ZDoom features that Doomsday currently does not (or cannot yet) support. However, expanding the support for mods is one important goal in our roadmap, so eventually we may get there.
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