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Installation issues

edited 2012 Feb 23 in DOOM
Hi All...

Sorry this may be long, but am really struggling with this.

Some weeks ago I found and ran Doomsday/Kickstart. I loaded in Doom, Doom II, Plutonia and TNT. They all ran well, with no issues.

Over this past weekend I had some heavy computer issues. So I was into a lot of settings and so forth, and during the process of troubleshooting the computer I broke my Doomsday/Kickstart installation. I tried to reinstall it but I cannot get it to work.

I run a clean, updated, Windows XP Home machine, with sufficient resources to run the game.

I have installed the Kickstart and the Snowberry, and neither one loads. It tries.....the screen goes dark, but before it goes any further it gives me some OpenGL BS that's really just getting on my nerves now. I've spent hours pouring thru blog sites, reading and trying various things, and it took me hours to finally figure out how to use the "-allowsoftware" command. This loads the game, but it's so slow and the graphics are so bad the game is unplayable.

I don't understand what was present in my system before that is not present now to allow this thing to load and play.

Can anyone take an orange crayon and draw me some pictures with an explanation so I can get this working...please?

I'm confident that I have all the WAD files in the correct place....and mind you....I loaded the game before and got it to work just fine. I just need ideas to fix the broken pieces.

Thank you


  • fizixx wrote:
    with sufficient resources to run the game.
    fizixx wrote:
    .....the screen goes dark, but before it goes any further it gives me some OpenGL BS that's really just getting on my nerves now.

    These are the important bits. Without any information on your computer specs and what Dday is reporting regarding your OpenGL, nobody can help you.

    It may well be that the version of the video card drivers you've got on your computer (possibly straight from your XP disc) may be too old for Dday and hence may need updating. If so, look up your video card online and download the latest drivers for it.
  • Thanks for the reply....but that's just it. The original files on the computer were fine and sufficient to run this game. I ran the game for a few months before this issue came up. The very first time I loaded Dday it loaded and ran great. I still have and play DOOM3, which runs ok. So, something happened with Dday. It has some issue with the OpenGL, and continues to report the error

    "drOpenGL.Init: OpenGL driver not accelerated!
    Use the -allowsoftware option to bypass this."

    This message seems to be the root cause, but nothing I have read or tried has fixed the problem. The main issue is, it's cryptic (to me) and I don't understand what it means fully. Not enough to be able to jump in and address it properly.

    Got any ideas?
  •'s an update.

    I was trying some of the options in the Kickstart program, and I an now get the game to get to the main DOOM splash page where you choose New Game (etc), and it then takes you to the next page where you choose the level you want to play.

    This starts to see the full-screen version of what looks like a console screen where the commands load, but now it just goes back to the desktop without going any further.

    ?? Is this familiar to there a fix here ??
  • Ok....last update.

    I fixed it, and did it via the Kickstart interface. My problems were mostly that I was unfamiliar with this manner of playing this game. I apparently read enough to be able to piece the settings together.

    I'm pretty confident that this is working as it was prior to this big mess of the past week with the hardware issue and all. The trick was setting the graphics to Direct 3D 8, and that was all it needed.

    Thanks to those that read my post and tried to help.
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