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Versus Mode for Doomsday

edited 2012 Feb 25 in DOOM
I recently saw footage of the Puppet Master mod for Doom on Skulltag which allows players to take control of the demons themselves to attack another team of marines. Wouldn't that be cool if there was a mod like that for Doomsday? That kind of versus mode with the performance of the Doomsday engine would be absolutely fantastic.

It doesn't have to be an exact replica of Puppet Master, which has custom levels. Rather, it could be like L4D style, where a team of like two marines go through each level of a DooM episode, and the demon team could take control of the monsters placed on the map, and would have to kill the marines before they reach the exit.

I'm not program-savvy whatsoever, otherwise I'd try to make this thing myself, but someone should do it :D


  • Currently mods of such complexity are impossible in Doomsday; it's modding features while flexible and far more powerful than Vanilla Doom, are no where near as powerful as ports that are more focused on adding those sorts of features.

    'Currently' being the important part of the above; i.e things can change.
  • ZDoom and it's derivatives (Excluding ZDaemon, which is still Dehacked only) are the ones with the most modding capabilities.
    Absolutely because of DECORATE for new things, and ACS for more advanced trickery.
    If memory serves, ACS is present in Hexen. Except that in ZDoom it's way, way more mature.
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