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On Week 51

edited 2011 Dec 31 in Developers

Last week I was busy cleaning up loose ends and returning to debugging multiplayer gameplay. The important changes were that a server can now only be started in dedicated mode, an option was added to the Snowberry front-end for running a dedicated server, and that FMOD is now the default audio plugin that will be used unless some other driver is requested. On Ubuntu the FMOD driver needs to be installed separately (the doomsday-fmod package).

There was a mishap with today's build (#360) that forced me to rerun it manually. There were actually two problems: when the autobuilder was attempting to tag the new build, for some reason the SourceForge git repository was not accessible and it ended up tagging an old commit for the build. The second issue was that the Windows builder's git repository had a stray index lock file that caused the pull operation to fail. I had to manually remove the lock file before the build could complete successfully.

There have been a few incidents like this during the past months. Perhaps I should invest some time in making the autobuilder handle error situations in a more robust manner. At the very least it should try to detect git errors and retry a few times.

My plan for this week is to continue working on selected multiplayer issues and prepare for the coming release candidate phase.


The past week I have been working on completing the HUD/UI stuff in preparation for the ringzero|master merge. There is not a lot to report in truth because this work has been about fixing issues that had been introduced during the rewrite and improving robustness.

In addition to the game UI work, I completed the implementation of our new web interface for the autobuilder. The autobuilder generates an XML build log which is now parsed by (formerly the RSS feed was used) which then dynamically constructs a web interface from that data.

I intend to continue with the UI this coming week, addressing the remaining issues and readying the ringzero branch for merging.


  • Are these recent builds improvements only to multi-player (something I don't care for) or do they influence the quality of the single player mode? The lists of fixes of the last few builds all say "by skyjake". Does that mean it is only multi being fixed since it doesn't say "by Dani"? Seems like Skyjake is in charge of only multi while Dani is for single player Doom/Heretic/Hexen.
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