Faithful Heretic MP3 Soundtrack

I've decided to release this little pack that I've compiled over the years. Basically what I did was listen to each and every Heretic track using about 20 of the best SoundFonts available on the internet, and made mp3s of the ones that have the best quality and sound the most faithful. In some cases, I even combined the best parts of several sound fonts for optimal results. I also added some chorus and reverb effects where I felt they sounded good. I hope my effort was worth it and that people enjoy this new soundtrack!

Every track in the game is replaced by what I hope people people will find to be the highest quality and most faithful replacements. I do not take credit for actually producing this music; I merely spent hours listening to all the Soundfonts on the internet and picked the best of the best.

Download here:


  • You know, you can actually load soundfonts now in the current unstable release with the FMOD plugin? Simply set the cvar music-soundfont to the path of the soundfont you wish to use (only DL2 format atm, though SF2 format can be converted I believe).
  • Yes, I I know. But this pack is a combination of the best single sound font for each track. For example, A340, although it's a great soundfont, does NOT sound great with all the tracks in the game. I used the following soundfonts in this compilation: A340, Unison, PersonalCopy, SilverSpring, GeneralUser, Merlin, MagicFont, RealFont, Cadenza, Xioad, eawpats, Musica Theory, and more. I didn't just make a direct rip of a single SoundFont. I listened to each and every Heretic track using ALL of these sound fonts, and chose the one that sounded the best. Basically, I spent hours listening to just one track with all the sound fonts. I chose whichever soundfont sounded the best with each track. Like I said above, I mixed several soundfonts together in some situations. Believe me, you aren't going to hear the same quality by just loading a single soundfont in Doomsday.

    E3M3, as an example, uses a combination of xiod, merlin, and a340. Different song sections use different fonts or combine one or all of them to sound the best.

    I am really, REALLY picky about how mp3 soundtracks are. Using just one of those soundfonts listed above will make only a few of the tracks sound high-quality and faithful, while the rest sound average or below-average.
  • Ok, I was simply pointing out that the feature was there (not detracting from the work you did on your pack), given you said you had only recently returned to using Doomsday.
  • Ok then, thanks. I just wanted to make sure people understood this wasn't just me converting soundfonts to mp3s. I spent a lot of time over the years on this!
  • These sound nice. Good work!
  • Thank you very much!
  • I'm glad you guys like it. I mostly made these for myself, and don't really expect too many comments on this. I just figured since I put so much time into them, that I'd release them.

    I've just never liked all the Heretic soundtracks that don't sound like the originals at all. Syncraft's Heretic soundtrack is ok, but too many of the tracks lack some of the subtle notes, and in some cases, even the major notes. I wanted the soundtrack to be the way I remember it when I first played Heretic on a soundblaster card, but in high-quality.
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