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On Week 50

edited 2011 Dec 20 in Developers

During the past week I made good progress on a variety of areas in the project:
  • Finished my work updating the FMOD plugin so that it utilizes the reverb properties calculated by the engine, and separated the plugin into a different .deb package on Ubuntu for license reasons (FMOD is closed source but free for non-commercial use). It should be noted, though, that the reverb properties calculated by the engine are not that great; the algorithm is the same I implemented years ago and it has some shortcomings in analyzing the map geometry. I'll have to spend some time tuning it before I can recommend using it by default.
  • Refactored the scripts that run our automated build system so that they are ready for our future plans. The build events are now available also as an XML feed to be used as easy-to-parse input data in other scripts.
  • Simplified the format of the build event reports when it comes to the build logs and error/warning counts.
  • All file releases are now distributed via SourceForge so that we can track download statistics. Hitherto the files have been distributed via Apple's iDisk file servers.
  • Fixed bugs in game plugins: savegames, friction, automatic adjustment of the angles of some objects so 3D models look better.

We are getting close to beginning the release candidate phase for 1.9.7. Before that happens I intend to spend my time on improving some remaining important issues with multiplayer and tying up some loose ends like the updated Unix man page.

Here's a reminder of what the release candidate phase means (from the wiki): Before a stable release is made, the master branch enters a period of intensified quality assurance during which any remaining bugs are fixed and other small fine-tuning is performed. There are as many candidate releases as necessary. The candidate phase should not continue for more than a few weeks.


I was forced to re access my plan for the week upon realizing that significant periods of unbroken time were going to be in rather short supply. Consequently, I decided to spend what time I did have on tying up some of the looser ends remaining in the ringzero branch. This proved to be the right choice. These short bursts of focused development resolved many of the remaining issues in this branch.

In addition to the ringzero work I also began implementing a new web interface for our automated build system. Its a little crude at present, largely due to it being derived by parsing the RSS feed. Now that we have a nice new XML log courtesy of skyjake, I intend to parse that instead, which will ultimately mean a far nicer interface for you guys :)

This week I have a lot more time available as the holidays, for me at least, have already begun. I intend to spend the time completing the UI work needed to wrap up the ringzero branch so it can then be merged with the master.
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