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On Week 44

edited 2011 Nov 7 in Developers

Last week I was getting back to work on the project and managed to run a few local tests with the revised low-level network code. Everything seems to be working as expected and the next step will be to run tests against a remote server. The most important change is that all communications are now done using discete messages, and not just a byte stream as before. This should make things more robust and secure.

The plan is to start a new test game on the public server and see if I can connect to it on all of our platforms. After that I will do some cleanup in the remove-sdlnet branch (mostly regarding log messages) and merge it back to the master.


This past week I have been working on various minor refactorings in preparation for integrating the texture management with the resource locator in ringzero. The goal being a single unified interface for locating resources based around URIs. This work is going well and I hope to begin hooking it up this week.

In addition to the refactorings I also fixed a couple of bugs:
#3199722 - Dynamic lights and animated textures
#2961130 - Console min height after resolution change

My plan for the coming week remains largely unchanged; integrate the texture (and font) management with the resource locator (upon which point another job can be crossed off the todo list).
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