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Progress Update

edited 2008 May 30 in Developers
<i>This post was originally made by <b>danij</b> on the dengDevs blog. It was posted under the categories: Beta 6, Blog, Engine, Games, jDoom, jHeretic, jHexen, Mac OS X, Platforms, Releases, Unix/Linux, Version 1.9, Windows.</i>

It seems that Real Life is really doing it's best to get in the way of deng development presently. Up until a few days ago I've had little time to work on Doomsday but since I have managed to make a little progress.

The thinker list head/tail (thinkercap) that has been a mainstay of the engine exports is now gone and has been replaced with an engine side iterator. This means that we can now begin to isolate the management of thinkers completely within the engine.

In addition, I've reimplemented the concept of "in-stasis" thinkers (temporary suspension of thinking ability), moving it into the engine. This has cleaned up the game-side management considerably as the active plats/ceilings could be removed entirely.

I've also been brainstorming some form of "binning" system for thinker_t (probably hashing based on the think_t function) to speed up searching the thinker list. Tests show that maps with a lot of thinkers (particularly those with extensive use of particle generators) would benefit greatly from this.

Unfortunately though, I've not had time to look at the bigger outstanding issues (player controls and audio) but hopefully Real Life will allow soon.


  • <i>This comment was posted by dengDevs user <b>justinforasec</b>.</i>

    Dani it's really good to see that you are alive after all and that the project is still in motion, and though I'm sure I have no idea what you said in this post it all sounds really good and I wish you luck.

    psyched bout beta 6
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