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Return from the Twilight Zone

edited 2008 Jan 21 in Developers
<i>This post was originally made by <b>skyjake</b> on the dengDevs blog. It was posted under the category: Blog.</i>

After another (unannounced) hiatus away from the project, I make a meager return by updating the WordPress software running the blog. The reason for my disappearance was basically Real Life issues that left no time or energy for any hobby projects. The time I spent on the computer during the fall at home in the evenings can be counted in minutes. But now a new year has begun and life is again a little different, so I can spend a moment every now and then working on Doomsday-related things.

My current plan concerning Doomsday is to:
<li>Switch to Universal builds on Mac OS X. This I actually already managed to do, although the result may only work on Leopard (plus I didn't actually try to run it on an Intel Mac yet).</li>
<li>Make an automated Mac OS X (nightly) build system that generates .dmg files of the latest sources/some suitable tag. This is basically a return to the olden days of the work-in-progress releases, so that we don't have to be so embarrassed of the timeliness of our official releases (i.e., the lack thereof). :) Automated release building for Windows should also be possible, although I don't plan to do it myself.</li>
As a result of the WordPress upgrade, some things seem to have changed slightly. There was briefly some confusion about the subcategories, which appeared to have gone missing (although they haven't been deleted; links to the subcategories still work). Now the subcategories seem to work, but the new WordPress version supports tags as well, so I think it's better to go on with just the top-level categories and use tags for more specific info. Let's see if the theme needs an update to display the tags.

Also, the Akismet spam plugin is now activated, which should help prevent the deluge of spam comments.


  • <i>This comment was posted by dengDevs user <b>Samedi</b>.</i>

    Welcome back, Skyjake
  • <i>This comment was posted by dengDevs user <b>Samedi</b>.</i>

    Hey, dude, the Blog comments counter doesn't seem to update, it's just me?
  • I guess the comment counter doesn't update until the comment has been moderated...
  • Automatic builds have been available at for a while. While they don't make a nightly binary, they do build withing 15 minutes of svn updating. The build flags won't be changed as that piggybacks on the Deng-NG build system at - which has some different goals.

    I have no OSX systems to add to the build bots, and you'll need to let me know if you want Deng to piggyback on any newer Deng-NG build bots that come online.
  • Your spam filter is too aggressive and has been eating all my comments.
  • <i>This comment was posted by dengDevs user <b>Saverio</b>.</i>

    Great project this Doomsday Engine,

    Hoping that the windows binary of the last version (1.9.0b5.2)
    will be available one day... :P
  • <blockquote>Your spam filter is too aggressive and has been eating all my comments.</blockquote>

    The comments marked as spam by the filter included 150 legitimate spam comments and 1 of yours. Were there other comments eaten by the filter apart from the one now visible above?
  • If you need testing or building computers for Mac OS X, I have 3 Macs (one PPC Tiger, one Intel Tiger and one Intel Leopard).
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