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Goodbye Direct3D

edited 2007 Dec 19 in Developers
<i>This post was originally made by <b>danij</b> on the dengDevs blog. It was posted under the categories: Beta 6, Engine, Releases, Version 1.9, Windows.</i>

Doomsday 1.9.0-beta6 will see support for Direct3D dropped.

For architectural reasons, development on the rendering plugins (drOpenGL and drD3D) has proved quite troublesome, not just the fact that whatever was implemented in one had to be done to the other (typically first in OpenGL and later in Direct3D).

On our modern systems, there is very little to pick and choose between OpenGL and Direct3D and both have very good vender support (not like the early days of hardware acceleration when typically one of which your card/drivers just didn't 'like'). Given that OpenGL is cross-platform (and the API is nicer IMO) it is the obvious choice to continue development with.

So to confirm, Doomsday 1.9.0-beta6 will not include drD3D and it will no longer be possible to choose renderers via the command line.


  • I'm just sad I didn't get to do the svn delete on it
  • <i>This comment was posted by dengDevs user <b>huteusz</b>.</i>

    For me OpenGL makes some errors. In Direct3d game works OK, but on OpenGL, sometimes i need to reboot computer, coz it hangs down...
  • Please feel free to post about any problems you are having running Doomsday, at our forums:
  • <i>This comment was posted by dengDevs user <b>huteusz</b>.</i>

    well, i tried to register, but instantly after registration i saw, that i am banned. I tried to go to forum with proxy, but the effect was the same. "Reason: none, date when ban will be lifted: never". I tried to send e-mail about this to administration (ndforums at of forum, but it wasn't delivered.
  • I've spoken to Phoebus ( admin) and apparently the site is currently having issues with spambots and they have ramped up the security measures. Unfortunetly, whatever username/email combo you used to register with has tripped the anti-bot detection.

    Please provide me with the username and email address you used to register at Newdoom and I'll get the ban lifted for you.
  • <i>This comment was posted by dengDevs user <b>huteusz</b>.</i>

    Very big thanks ;)

    user: heXen_arts
    email: janosyk [at]
  • <i>This comment was posted by dengDevs user <b>doomlife</b>.</i>

    Please reconsider dropping Direct3D. Why have OpenGL? It's USELESS. I'm serious. Whenever I play doomsday with all the resource packs on, everything turned on, resolution max, which for me is 1600 x 1050, everything runs perfectly smooth. ( I'm using a Geforce 8800 GTS ). And this is using Direct3D.
    But when I tried with openGL, it runs chunky as hell. How can you possibly be considering dropping Direct3D? So just because its "easier" to do, that means we have to put up with 5 fps?! No one will play able to play it with any resource packs.
    Unless somehow OpenGL is done in a way that makes things better somehow . . . .
  • What you are experiencing sounds like the (common) issue with multicore CPUs and NVidia's OpenGL driver. We have known for a while now that something Doomsday's model rendering does is not "liked" at all by the driver.

    Unfortunetly, we haven't yet had time to fully investigate the issue. However, there is a workaround. For now you should disable "multithreaded optimization" in the NVidia driver. This should return your FPS to "normal".

    Lastly, no, we will not reconsider dropping Direct3D. In fact, it is already long gone from our current codebase.
  • <i>This comment was posted by dengDevs user <b>doomlife</b>.</i>

    I took your advice and went into Nvidia control panel and found as close as I can to what you suggested me to turn off, and I found something called "Threaded Optimization".
    It was set to auto, so I switched it off. And now... OpenGL Doomsday runs perfectly smooth!!

    Thankyou so much! I cant believe.. such a tiny little easy thing to do, makes such a huge difference.
    By the way, I notice in Doom 1 and 2 ( Plutonia and Evilution are not supported yet ) that there are some textures that are very low res / low quality, while the majority of textures are all very high res, high quality. Do you know why this is?
  • I'm happy to answer your questions but at the correct place (our forums). Start a thread there and I'll see it.
  • <i>This comment was posted by dengDevs user <b>doomlife</b>.</i>

    I have posted the question on a suitable thread regarding textures, if you would like to please answer it there :

    Thanks alot :)
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