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Color Adjustments in the Panel

edited 2006 May 14 in Developers
<i>This post was originally made by <b>skyjake</b> on the dengDevs blog. It was posted under the category: Engine.</i>

I've made an enhancement in the Control Panel so that gamma, contrast, and brightness adjustments can be made more easily. When the sliders are focused, the rest of the UI fades away and the game view becomes visible. Clicking outside the sliders brings the UI back. Try it out and see if it feels intuitive.

Also, a set of 16:10 resolutions is now included in the control panel's resolution list.


  • Nice work.

    Yes this makes it much easier to change the settings.

    What would be really nice is if you could set a 16:10 resolution with black borders for 4:3, like widescreen movies on non-widescreen displays.
  • Well, black "movie" borders would be just a matter of defining the GL viewport correctly. I'll see if it can be changed without creating any problems. Might not be possible, though...
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