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Ubuntu/Debian package plans.

edited 2006 Mar 31 in Developers
<i>This post was originally made by <b>Yagisan</b> on the dengDevs blog. It was posted under the category: Unix/Linux.</i>

<p>Just a quick update on the Ubuntu/Debian package plans. Theses are subject to change depending on my time commitments, but should serve as a general guide.</p>
<p>Short Term Plans.</p>
<li>I will no longer be producing Debian packages of Deng. beta4 will be the last Debian package. This is simply because I no longer have a Debian system available to do testing on, and as such can not provide effective troubleshooting and support for Debian. Ubuntu packages will build fine on Debian, if a user desires. If anyone wishes to co-maintain the packages to keep Debian packages being built, contact me before beta4 is released.</li>
<li>I have been offered 2 mirrors, 1 from jfiles, and another from Ubuntu motu. I intend to set these up soon, to offer faster downloads for users.</li>
<p>Medium Term Plans.</p>
<li>At some stage, I will look at migrating to a snowberry based launcher system. This will require repackaging of all jpacks. This will most likely occur when skyjake deems it stable enough to release a source tarball at</li>
<li>The audio system needs a revamp. freepats can be replaced by better patchsets, but they are all rather big and require lots of ram and/or a fast cpu. I'm currently investigating alternate patchsets, but if you have a favorite, contact me and I'll test it too.</li>


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