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Weekend Ahoy

edited 2006 Jan 27 in Developers
<i>This post was originally made by <b>skyjake</b> on the dengDevs blog. It was posted under the categories: Engine, jHexen, Mac OS X.</i>

It has been a busy week at work, but during the weekend I will have time to work on the project. Now that I have completed the task of updating jHexen for DMU and I can successfully compile a binary, it is time to start debugging it at runtime. I will also start implementing any missing DMU property set/get cases, of which there should be quite a handful.

A few months ago I noticed that I was spending most of my time running the PowerBook as my primary desktop, with an external Cinema display (of course). While this is a perfectly serviceable configuration, it does lack some power when it comes to the high-end tasks. This led me to purchase a Dual-Core PowerMac G5. Compared to the PowerBook G4, the performance increase is formidable. Being dual-core, compilations are very speedy since more than one source file can be processed concurrently. All in all I'm very happy with the system. This naturally means that I'm abandoning Linux as the primary development platform and moving to Mac OS X.

Since DMU was added into the engine the codebase has been broken enough not to compile all the way on the Mac. This weekend will actually be the first time I have an up-to-date binary running again, so it's going to be excitement all around!
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