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Blog Setup

edited 2006 Jan 23 in Developers
<i>This post was originally made by <b>skyjake</b> on the dengDevs blog. It was posted under the category: Blog.</i>

I think the blog is starting to have all the necessary elements set up. I've modified the sidebar to show a list of the latest comments and a calendar of the current month. Navigation links to the previous and next posts show up when viewing a single post. Several small tweaks went into the pool theme and its stylesheet, like a small indent to post metadata. Now I think we only need a better color scheme and it's looking very good.

I think I should get back to coding now. :)


  • Yep its looking good. Nice work.

    Yeah I guess we should get back to work :)
  • To make following new comments easier, I added the posting times to the Latest Comments list and to each individual comment.

    Couldn't help myself. :)
  • I'm glad you did, it does make it easier to read.

    Now back to work! /cracks whip :)
  • I'll see if a can make it so that comments waiting for moderation show up on the post page, but with a different color and no contents until moderation has been carried out. Otherwise it may be a bit confusing if the comment you just posted doesn't show up anywhere...
  • Good idea. It'll make it easier for admins to manage too as currently we only become aware of there existence when we check the Manage section in admin(?)
  • I do get email notifications of new unmoderated comments, so it's not that big a problem. It would be nice to show the unmoderated comments as placeholders for everyone, though (with a link to the Manage page for us admins). I'll see what I can do when I have a few spare moments.
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