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I will try to create this theme.
I propose to gather here scattered links found on the forum for the game jHeretic. Also, if anyone has improvements to existing Resource pack, Texture Pack, jHUI, any works - small, big, one generator, models improvements, one textures - any, post them here! We can test and collect this work of people in one place and create a new version JHRP. I can try to create. Let it not be official, but the latest and works.

Main question - what version we can use as basis for? I have many versions of paks for jHeretic - old and new. Now, in this forum i found "jHRP-20090703" and "jHRP+psy-20100928". This is the last versions?

In the future, we can change this first post and give here links to the latest files for jHeretic.
Of course, if this theme is not needed, and I mistaken - we can remove it at any time.


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    A couple of days ago, during a multiplayer LAN-game, I found that the player-Corvus model has only the green skin. Other skin colors (red, blue and brown) - do not display correctly.
    0_b85eb_5a1a55ba_S.jpg 0_b85ec_65572629_S.jpg

    Model (Corvus.dmd) contains a wrong names for this skins. I fixed it with a md2tool, now the other colors are displayed properly.
    0_b85ea_8998c56f_S.jpg 0_a455a_167ef0d1_S.jpg 0_b85e8_94573316_S.jpg

    If somebody needs - take the fix model there: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/16645572/Corvus-FixSkins.zip
    Archive contains the file (Corvus-FixSkins.log), where you can quickly check my operations with the md2tool over model file.
  • Yes those are the two latest versions of the JHRP.

    Given that Dday now filters and upscales the menu fonts to an excellent degree, I'd consider removing the hi-res fonts from the JHRP.

    I'll also point out a mistake in the credits; it lists the Ophidian model as made by an unknown author, but it was actually made by Psychikon.

    Also, a small idea for improving the pack; for the currently still original sprite, Phoenix Rod missile explosion, consider using a textured particle where the texture is the original sprite. One can then take advantage of Dday's particle scaling abilities to give it a smooth animation (one could also possibly use this for some other not yet done missiles). I don't think a model would look good in this case.
  • Yes, i also see that Phoenix Rod missile explosion has original sprite, but in jHeretic are still enough moments like this.
    Recently - I compared jHRP-2008 with jHRP-20090703 and found some new generators and some configuration changes. In the near future I will compare with jHRP+psy-20100928. After that, I think - I'll have enough represent about the current state of jHRP.

    A little story. In early 2009, I worked with jHRP-2008 (PiCKleBro pack) - convert all models to dmd, some editing and tweaking models skins, tried hide death sprite some models (old Gargoyle, Disciple, Liche), generators, etc. I do not remember all the details, but in my opinion - it has a little better than it was before.
    Wanted to ask - this my work is need? Now create some new models by Psychikon, but still a big part of the old models, which I have tried to improve a little.

    If anyone wants to see my pack - I could unload it for tests, maybe we can something to use in new jHRP. Need someone who knows the current state of the jHeretic and plays it.
  • I could take a look at it if you want! I originally had plans to redo all of the models if possible, but it's proving to be difficult. The reason is because I am involved in a lot of religious studies and things of that nature, which are more important to me, and also I have been able to start working again. It's difficult to get too into 3D modeling nowadays, but I have just started on two other models, one of which should branch into a few similar decorations. There are only a handful of decorations left to do, I think. I don't mean the effects, but just the decorative objects. I had the remaining ones in a folder, but it may be slightly more difficult now, because the website I relied on for easily obtaining the sprites, that site is now giving a "forbidden" error message.

    Anyway, there is still hope! :)
  • Psychikon wrote:
    the website I relied on for easily obtaining the sprites, that site is now giving a "forbidden" error message.
    Heretic sprites or other?
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    On 1.9.0 beta 6.9 and higher, if I turn on the fog in jHeretic - the skins of Dragon Claw model are not displayed properly for me.

    Does someone have a similar problem?
  • I'd be interested in seeing your High-Res pack.

    Just out of interest, are any of the models from Heretic II close to Heretic I?
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    Hi Tea Monster!
    If you mean pack of 3D-models, which I mentioned above - yes, a month ago, I saw sense in this, but recently I found in forum jHRP 1.1 Items pack by Psychikon!!! I do not know, how I missed it before. Now, I do not see much sense in my small changes for old models that I made in jHRP-2008, as new models was much more than I thought...
    I found the time and took a couple of screenshots so you can see what the changes are not large. Here are some images of 3D models from the modified jHRP-2008 compared with jHRP-20090703 (without High-Res textures):
    0_a4550_907d6042_S.jpg 0_a4555_53705c28_S.jpg
    0_a4551_99d852e8_S.jpg 0_a4556_86f9ceca_S.jpg
    0_a4552_8a1ed84b_S.jpg 0_a4557_a3550a63_S.jpg
    0_a4553_17c8fe1d_S.jpg 0_a4558_567d797e_S.jpg
    0_a4554_82ac73cd_S.jpg 0_a454f_72c95f06_S.jpg
    In 2009 I worked not only with 3D-models skins, well and ded-files, generetors, effects. Old Gargoyle, Disciple, Liche now have some death states, that I've been able to do based on the current state of the models.
    I thought that I could show this pack to everyone, but now ran into another problem. I still use the old KickStart -launcher and all the addons I have changed - addons have non-standard (unpacked) file structure, as it is more convenient to myself. A month ago I tried to return the package to the standard structure compatible with Snowberry, but saw, that it needed to spend a lot of time. Now, we have many new models made by Psychikon and I do not think, that these older models to anyone interested...

    Now I began work on a new package, which will include all new models and improvements. I think, it is more important for jHeretic now. I gather it for myself in any case, if I can do it - then be sure to show everyone.

    At the expense of models Heretic vs Heretic2 - I can not say anything. I've never seen Heretic2.
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    Guys, I can not find state names for this sprites:
    0_b8722_1898c6ef_M.jpg 0_b8723_14a60ffb_M.jpg
    I see this sprites then I shoot at monsters and when they shoot at me. I think - need to hide them or make simple FX effects for them.
    If I understood correctly - Heretic use one this sprite(s) for all monsters and player?
  • The sprites are called BLODA0-C0. The states BLOOD1-3 and the obj name is BLOOD. All bad guys and the player use the same it. The Undead Warriors red axe trail as well.
  • Thanks, now i see BLOOD1-3 in Objects.ded.

    All monsters, player and axe - use them one... I was hoping - that it is not. I was planning to use different color effects for different monsters with this state. Now, I do not know how to do it...
    Well, it's not a big problem, of course. Just, I think, red blood effect for Golem model - this is not the right choice.
  • I've not tried it, but reading the description for it, you might be able to use the Damage generator type to circumvent that for the player and bad guys: http://www.dengine.net/dew/index.php?ti ... _triggered

    If it works you could "remove" the blood splat obj by replacing it with a blank model.

    Then, in the case of the Undead Warrior's Red Axe; you could then attach a state based generator to the axe itself.
  • Try find out, thanks.

    I have long wanted to ask - what a strange structure has last jHRP+PSY-20100928? I think, the structure with single boxes for each addon - this is the best choice. Or it is not?
  • You could try it yourself you know; just take any generator and change it to a damage type.

    But yes, it doesn't exactly what I stated above; a damage type generator will spawn on a mobj when it takes damage. Therefore, it can be used to replace the generic blood splat's with something unique to each monster.

    Of course, I don't think you can make it spawn exactly where the hit occurs on the monster (i.e no matter where you shoot the monster, the generator will always spawn in the same place on the monster). Something for an RFE there maybe.
  • I see, to this effect the "Damage mobj" generators use all bad guys in jDoom. Tested, it works in jHeretic too. Now I know what you mean. Even if this Damage generator does not work in demos and client in multiplayer - the other way I do not see.

    Also, I found that in jHeretic states BLOOD1-3 used with Player shoot-damage and Undead Warrior Red Axe. All the other bad guys used states BLOODSPLATTER1-3,X for this effect. All, except Sabreclaw and Lich, which I do not see this effect in game at all.
  • At this point, I gathered all the resources together, including new models. After connecting the new resources - I see a very strong down FPS in jHeretic on my computer. I'm still trying to test and understand the exact reason for this. Of course, I can see that the new models are more detailed and have Hi-Res skins, but wanted to ask - who else has a similar problem with new models? I have old PC for these days (AthlonXP 3200+, nVidia 6600GT, 2Gb RAM) and in some places on some maps - play almost becomes impossible (FPS 5-20).
    Maybe someone has an idea about this? But of course, I think a more powerful computer will solve this problem.
  • Does the 6600gt have 128mb of ram or 256? The reason I ask is that, back when I had the Radeon 9800 with 256mb of RAM, and being that it was AGP 8x, even the old modelpack caused some slowdown for me on jHeretic. That may or may not be the bottleneck. I also have only 2 GB of DDR2 at the moment, and so I am sure the RAM is not the problem. Also, the CPU I wouldn't think had much to do with it, especially if it's only an increase in the model complexity. The only thing I can think of with the CPU might be that, with the increase of particles in the slightly-more-complex generators that I put in a few things, that might cause a little slowdown with the CPU, but I wouldn't think it would make it that bad.

    Again, I don't know all the "ins and outs" of Deng or anything like that, but it appears as though the problem would be the video card not being able to keep up.
  • In home I have 6600GT (128Mb), also - 6600GT (256Mb) on work machine. Of course, main DDay settings very important, since I use non-default values for models visibility distance (2000) and LOD (512)​​. I remember - Anton Rzheshevski (aka Cheb) said, that the DDay is very important CPU power, but it was many years ago, may be in 2003... and then DDay have version 1.7.x.
    I think, that the processor is important, and perhaps for these new models my AthlonXP 3200 maybe not enough.

    But any way - it can be my system and setting problem. I tested this moment and found the models, that are most difficult for me - new "Brown Pillar" and "Chandelier" models, especially - Brown Pillar. I switch-off all FX-effects in the jHeretic pack and testing only 3D-models. And I see - that if the room at the level contains a large number of these models - i have strongly decreases FPS.
    It is easy to check on the original level E5M6. For the first door there is a long corridor, which contains many Brown Pillar models. If somebody would test - you do not see that DDay have decreases FPS in this corridor?

    Of course, this may not be important for people with powerful computers. Most likely - it's my problem, and I'll think about it, because I would also like to play jHeretic with these excellent models!
  • PVS wrote:
    Of course, this may not be important for people with powerful computers. Most likely - it's my problem, and I'll think about it, because I would also like to play jHeretic with these excellent models!

    Hopefully everything can get straightened out!
    You know, with E5M6, I didn't really have a slowdown problem. My computer specs are a little better than yours at the moment, but the main thing is that I have 2 PNY 1GB GeForce 9800GTs in SLI mode. They were on sale, and I haven't had any complaints with them thus far! The only thing is that I had to clean the dust out of the fans, and I snapped a little of the plastic on one of them trying to take it apart to clean the fans... The cat we have who sheds on occasion doesn't help the matter!
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    Ok, I understand this point. I think I'll use the mixed mode - new + old models, because it does not plan to upgrade my computer in the near future.

    Another question.
    Is it possible to create in DDay "extra Mobj" for not "Thing" objects? For example - i create any FX-effects for Spore Pod model, and define big explosion on death state "POD_DIE1". In Heretic not many places that contain a large number of Spore Pod, but they present on some maps. For example - a place on the map E4M3 then we have about 60 Spore Pod objects:
    0_a4549_a4c5a77b_S.jpg 0_a454a_a81abcbd_S.jpg 0_a454c_564f6e05_S.jpg 0_a454d_c3783191_S.jpg 0_a454e_862733ff_S.jpg
    It turns out, that during this big explosion - work about 100 generators only with Spore, because Spore have simple generators on PAIN states too. This is not good, because possible situation when DDay reaches the limit of 256 generators. Best way - use in this case "Mobj" object generator. But at the moment - I have not found out how to make this "extra Mobj" generator which could be used with "POD_DIE1" and "POD_PAIN" states.

    I hope for your help guys, if possible - with script example.
    But in any case - I have long ago wanted that big explosion in jHeretic, like in jDoom barrels. Only Spore Pod explosion sound - slightly spoils the impression. ;)
  • Yes, all you have to do is have the Thing type generator attached to it, but for all states that are not using it, you would have the noptc flag. That way, it only generates during the frames where noptc is not present, and it can work like a state-based generator for the last frame. If it is similar to the pain particles, that's even better, because it can just be the same generator.
  • Personally, I don't think that effect looks very good for the puff pods; it looks way too big and the colours make it look somewhat magical (it looks like the same generator used for the Crossbow projectile FX, which was also way too big).

    We obviously don't know what the Puff Pod really is, but I would consider it a combustable material, it's explosion should look like green fire in my opinion, rather than something sparkly like in the above image.

    I think the puff pod explosion only needs a very small focused explosion that only lasts a few tics with a second generator that throws some model based particles around.
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    I'm think too that Spore Pod something vegetable and magic, maybe. I tried to make effects for it little magic, because this not military bomb. In the idle state spawned something look like small spores (particle30 from jHexen), in pain states too. Final explosion of single Spore Pod is not big, at the beginning I did much large explosion, and me liked. After I have reduced him, because when I blasted abaut 50 Spores together... I a little did not fall with chair... :)

    Vermil - thanks for your opinion, but the screenshots it's just brief moments that I liked. If anyone will have time better to see it in the game. If someone proposed another version - I'll be very happy to see it!

    Returning to the technical question. Thanks Psychikon, I understood you, only in this case I do not know how to get to work all 5 generators of Spore. I'll try to test it.

    If someone will test - Spore Pod can be found at E1M9, E1M2, but I would recommend - E1M8. I was there half an hour fighting with these Spore!
  • I haven't had a look at the model setup but I think that when the spores explode it should be something like a blood particle but instead of red, it should be green, or glowing green.
    The current screenshots look too much like the bfg explosion from doom.
    So I'd say, make the green particle a gooey green substance!
    And maybe use the scripts for blood as assistance. ;)

    I remember seeing a post about extra frames (sprite frames) still visually apparent. If that's still a problem you should be able to set the image frames up with completely transparent replacement images.
  • One option if you want to be compatible with Doomsday 1.8.6 is to disable the sprites by adding a null model definition. Doomsday will then only draw the particle fx and any attached lights, shadows etc (which too can be disabled if need be).
  • DaniJ wrote:
    One option if you want to be compatible with Doomsday 1.8.6 is to disable the sprites by adding a null model definition. Doomsday will then only draw the particle fx and any attached lights, shadows etc (which too can be disabled if need be).

    Or that heh.. ;)
  • DaniJ, when are the particles spawned? Once per game tic, or what? For instance, if it is more than one per tic, it spawns the correct amount all during the one tic, or can it be divided through half-tic frames, etc?

    Let's say the spawn rate is 50, and then there is a model definition that is only allowing particles for about a fifth of a tic - will it spawn 10, or does it ceiling to 50 or countdown to the tic, letting none come out? Is it a continual process that actually SPAWNS them at specific game tic intervals throughout the game, or what?
  • Are your questions not already covered by the article on generators at the wiki? If not, let us know what is missing/ambiguous and we'll update the wiki.
  • Removed the Spore Pod definitions from my attachment in previous post. I have not come to change it for the better and this version can lead to problems in some situations.

    Well, nobody downloaded this file!
  • spores shouldn't resemble fire at all in my opinion. they should just be a cloud of green dust. A poisonous dust cloud. like plant pollen shot into the air. or a larg puff of green smoke.
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