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TH2go support

edited 2010 Jan 8 in General
I haven't used Deng in a few years, mostly because multiplayer didn't work right. Lately I decided to see what was new and dl'd the latest beta. It took me awhile to find the control panel but I finally did. My favorite game is Hexen. I am using the Matrox tripleHead2go digital editon. Aside from the 2d stretch, everything else looks pretty good except that the FOV does not go quite far enough. I am using an ati 4870 and at this point am limited to a max res of 4320x900. Is there a way to increase the FOV beyond what the slider allows?
I once had one of the most beautiful Hexen games around but didn't share it because of multiplayer problems. I've since changed comps and somehow forgot to bring my Hexen data with me. Now I would like to rebuild it with new textures and models but unless I can get the FOV sorted for th2go it just seems pointless. I've maxed out the slider but it is not quite there. Thanks for any help.


  • You lost me once you began talking about Matrox card and an ATI card used together. I thought Matrox didn't even make consumer cards anymore?
  • PostFatal wrote:
    Is there a way to increase the FOV beyond what the slider allows?
    Yes - bring down the console and enter:
    rend-camera-fov force xxx

    where xxx is your required value. Note that there are a couple of enhancement requests outstanding regarding FOV but that should get you started.
  • Thanks for the reply, I'll give that a shot.

    Matrox TH2go is not a video card. It is an attachment that allows multiple monitors to be seen as one monitor. It's been around for quite some time now and has a growing amount of users. More info here> And for more info on surround and widescreen gaming look here>
  • Well would you look at that. I wasn't aware that Matrox even made products for consumer use anymore.
  • Well now, ATI has come out with their Eyefinity that allows for multimonitor and Nvidia is comming out with 3d surround. So will Doomsday be looking into supporting these? Thanks.
  • If someone would care to provide us devs with the requisite hardware I'm sure we would :D

    Being serious though, there is a fair amount involved in reworking the current renderer to support ultra-wide aspect ratios and >179 FOV. At present we are working on other things but I expect that we will consider support for this type of thing when get around to implementing a new renderer.
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