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UPDATE: The links will be posted for various decorations on this first post, and sorry about the links if you don't like them, but my usual file sharing site of choice is having problems uploading recently.

Because the last post became toast, I'll make this one really short:


Serpent Torch + Wall Torch:


Volcanoes/Rocks, Stalactites, and Stalagmites(unseen):

Tea Monster's Moss:

Brown Pillar:

The question is this: release that stuff now or wait until the next bunch of things are done for decorations?

I'd got them almost all done early, just that the chandelier got me vexed and I'd given up for 3 or 4 months...

Edit Danij: Fixed download links.


  • Nice work as always Psychikon. Given that it is so easy to manage multiple resource packs using Snowberry (with .box et al) I think it would be best to release individually as they are completed.
  • OK! :D They should be up shortly! :) Either today, tonight, or tomorrow morning early!
  • Liking all the Decorations so far.

    Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • That is some nice work there Psychikon, thanks as well for getting my moss out there!
  • That is some nice work there Psychikon, thanks as well for getting my moss out there!
    No problem! I wasn't sure if I ever released that on the forums or just gave to such and such people through IM, so I was sure to add it with the rest. If not, I was probably trying to wait until the decorations were done to be neat and orderly, but as it is, my actions AREN'T need and orderly, so it's like I swing around with my interests and hobbies. Some interests, though, always stay the same... :)
  • Well, I started back on where I left off and completed the large brown pillar decoration.
    Download link is at the first post!
  • Great that someone is working on jHeretic! Thanks Psychikon!
    When your new Gargoyle attack me - I'm scared!!!
    I will not say "Go, go, go", but I think about this.

    In 2009 I worked with jHRP-2008 (PiCKleBro pack), simple tasks - generators, hide not finish animation some models, etc. Now, in this forum i found jHRP-2009 on torrent link - this is the last version of pack?
  • @PVS
    yes sadly it is, there has been little to no work on anything heretic related since 2009 sadly....
    which is real sad, cuz i love heretic just as much or even more then doom.
    hope more people start working again on heretic some day to fix up models and such, and make better effects more, cuz the models and effects from heretic look pretty crappy and outdated compared to doom. but im glad to see though that psychikon is working on more decoration models, they look amazing.

    although i first had a problem with them cuz of the older models and defs colliding with the new ones. but that was easily fixed by just removing the older decorations manually from the jhrp.

    and yeah, i also love the new imp, the old one looked like a kid with paper wings on his back, lol.
    but the new one is awesome. although the leg animation could maybe use some work, i dunno but it looks a bit odd imo. but then again, if you look at the original sprites, he originally used to trample all the time with his legs too while moving, lol. but maybe it would look better to not make him trample his legs while speeding forward. i understand what you're trying to make it look like psychikon, but i think it still might look better if he doesnt trample his legs while shooting forward
  • Oh man....y'all still around? Loving the new site!
  • PickleBro:
    I have been doing other things lately... Obviously the developers are still around! I imagine some of the others are too, but I've been involved with getting over personal problems etc. :\
  • Did these get added tothe jHRP? The download links are long dead.
  • Psychikon's decorations still there:
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