Call for New Heretic Textures [2010]

Some of the textures in the current JHRP are bugging me. No offence to those who created them, they are good works, but some of them could be a lot more like the originals.

I'd like to eventually see a new pack that is much closer to the original tiles in look and feel. I can't promise to do a lot of these as I have a big time shortage on at the minute, but It's something I really like and I thought I'd kick it off if nobody else was going to do it.

In this spirit, I'd thought I'd start with Wood10


  • i know i can't do stuff like that and i do know that heretic needs a face lift but don't think people are willing to work on this right now as seeing as there is a hexen one and a doom one. if people do start contributing stuff then all the better.
  • I'm glad to see you in the Doomsday scene, Teamonster. I hope to see many Heretic/Doom works from you! This community has needed more artists, since we lost Dani J to coding hell.
  • Thanks. I can't promise to deluge the forum with work, but I'll contribute stuff here and there. I love Doom and Heretic was the first game I lan-matched with, so there is a lot of nostalgia there.
  • cstlrck.png
    A while back I made this one for CSTLRCK.
    I used some stock from to make it.

    Suggestions for improvement are welcome.
  • I don't mean this to sound rude, but I'd say it's too bright, flat and lacks shadows.

    By the former one, I mean the entire texture seems to have it's contrast/brightness set a bit high compared to the original.

    The later two kind of go together; make the cracks on and gaps between the stones look 'deeper' and they will become perfect places to add more shadow.
  • All right, I worked over it some more. Is this a step in the right direction? ... lrck-2.png
  • All right, I worked over it some more. Is this a step in the right direction? ... lrck-2.png

    I think one of the things that Vermil was saying was to put wider spaces between the bricks, but don't forget to save the old version in case things seem better the other way afterwards.
    Suggestions for improvement are welcome.

    Yeah, do more textures - that would be an improvement on them, I'll bet! :P

    PS - yes, the cracks look great in there (to me) :)
  • I think it's a fine texture already but I do have a suggestion. There is too much definition at the point the blocks meet, this is a surface that exists in an outdoor environment and biological processes, weathering and more have been acting on it for a long time. I would suggest the dirt, etc..., by bluring the joins and then dappling greens and browns on top, still working very softly with a low opacity.
  • I feel I've been lax of late. Is there a particular texture in Heretic that is bugging anyone?
  • I've been experimenting with ZBrush lately. This is really rough, it hasn't been properly tiled, but what do you think for a start?

  • Maybe have the texture on the middle triangles not match up to the outer one?

    To make it look like someone hasn't just cut some lines into a stone wall; rather that each triangle is its own stone.

    That said, even as it is, it's better than the current hi-res one, as most of the current Heretic hi-res textures are simply the original textures resized with bad filters over the top.
  • I'm currently working on this.
  • looks very good.... :)
  • Awesome Tea Monster, looking really good.
  • I've got wall 32 to an acceptable state. I can't find it's replacement in the pack though? I'm thinking that the rocks need more proper shaping, but for now, it should be an acceptable substitute.
  • @TM
    the texture is called triston1

    and it looks quite nice in-game :)
    much better then the one currently in the pack

    there's also a brown version of the same texture called triston2,
    you should do that one too. should just be a matter of changing the color


    title-pic is looking good too btw :)
  • Cheers Splitterface!

    Here is triston2.
  • thanx TM :)

    btw one texture in heretic texture-pack im not exactly fond of is this one

    its flat-FLOOR28. i unno, its just bleh, quite blurry and kinda a bit like its upscaled with a sharpen filter or sumfing
    i unno, i dun like it much. perhaps you could make a better version of it? :)
  • @Splitterface
    The wall version of that graphic is called METL2 and the flat version is called FLOOR28. They may look the same in game, but in reality, they are two separate graphics that happen look the same. Some modern source ports have added support for texture/flat mixing allowing mappers to use flats on walls and textures on planes, but the original Dos engine didn't allow this, hence why you get cases like METL2 and FLOOR28.

    @Tea Monster
    The TRISTONx textures look fine in isolation (though I still wonder what they would look like if my earlier cracks comment in this thread was applied), but they don't look right against the rest of the Heretic hi-res textures because they lack the noise filters of most of the existing Heretic hi-res textures.

    I think your either going to have to more hi-res textures for Heretic in your style or add the noise effects prevalent on the other's to yours. It's open to debate whether Heretic is a far less gritty, grimy game than Doom and/or HeXen and thus whether the original textures would have had noise similar to the existing hi-res textures had their resolution allowed it?
  • I'm probably going to remake it at some point as I'm not really happy with the shape of it.
  • Greetings all!
    I see this thread has been running several years!
    Is anyone still working on it?

    I am trying to evolve jHRP into jHRP2 to work with DE 2.0.
    I'm resolving problems, but also I hope to enhance it with improvements others have contributed.
    I read this thread with great interest!

    Does anyone want to contribute some improved textures to jHRP2?
    Is anyone still working on the project?
  • I'm currently working on this.
    Looks really nice!
  • @Clemens

    You do realize that you just necromanced an old thread that was last active more than three years ago, and you answered to a post that is almost five and a half years old? Please be more careful when considering to revive very old threads, a "looks really nice" surely isn't worth it.
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