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Can Someone Help Me Do This?

edited 2014 Aug 30 in General
Hello I was wondering if someone can help me add bullet decals like holes in the walls for all weapons such as shotgun, rockets and etc... I think this can be done in a .ded file but I'm new at this. Can someone please help me?

Thank you


  • I am also interested in getting decals like bullet holes in the latest version of Doomsday Engine. Is there an easy way?
  • Doomsday doesn't support decals like ZDoom. Dday's particle generator system has similar functionality (i.e particles can attach to walls and planes), but it isn't designed for permanent effects (i.e performance or quantity).

    I personally, would love to see decals in Dday one day as well :p
  • Thanks for the clarification.

    What happened was that after a few years of not playing Doom, I launched it again with the latest Doomsday and all the nice add-ons for textures, weapon models etc.; when I shot I was very surprised that there was no decal at the wall where I shot to. I guess it is so standard in todays 3D shooters, that the absence of it gets noticed quickly.

    @Doomsday Engine devs: any plans of adding bullet decals?

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