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The Hexen board seems very quiet

edited 2011 Feb 9 in Hexen
Compared to the Doom and Heretic boards here, the Hexen board seems very quiet. There are so few messages here. I wonder why. Would have thought Hexen is the most brilliant of all the Doom-engine games, with its extremely rich graphics, more dramatic and compelling gameplay (the crushers are much louder, and you can plunge to your death, too :) ), and high degree of programmability (as in the use of scripts). Indeed I would single out this game as Raven Software's crowning achievement; no other games by Raven ever since have gripped me as much to this day. (Mageslayer comes close, but it's non-editable AFAIK. :( )


  • Well I guess that's the way it goes... You figure that most people into id engine modding were around from Doom, and so they're sticking there. I also don't know why Heretic has more people than Hexen, as I actually kind of like Hexen better than Heretic in a lot of ways, yet for some reason I also stick to Heretic. Weird.......
  • Perhaps Hexen is just too scary? :)
  • I love Hexen, too, but I can't play it yet because I am using Linux 64-bit, and I cannot save games. As soon as the next version of the doomsday engine comes out, I will try again.
  • I think it probably has to do with Doom being the first Doom engine game, and therefore the most simple and "pure" of the bunch; thus in the current beta phase most development is going into the Doom side of the engine first. Also, true, most of us Doom fans also like Heretic and Hexen just as much (my favorite is actually Heretic), but many of us know Doom like the back of our hands, so it's easier to bugfix and to work on.

    Many of my mates who aren't into gaming, are like "Hey yeah, I remember Doom!" Then they are like "Heretic? Hexen? What are you talking about!?!?" so it is also a publicity thing I imagine. ;)
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