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Moving on to Risen3D

edited 2010 Aug 18 in General
I tried Risen3D and it ran in 1600X900. Full nscreen on my monitor.
Since Doomsday has never made it to 2.0, I feel it is time to give up on it.
The creator of doomsday seems to be winding down the port, so I will not be following Doomsday any longer.


  • Are you being serious? That's the most ill-informed thing I've read for a while now. Its pretty clear to everyone I think that the project is far from dead. Just look at the amount of activity in the source repository for a start: ... &mode=year
  • I thank DaniJ and all those who have the talent, time and drive to keep this project going. I'm looking forward to the day when I can load and save games on 64-bit Linux.

    Thank you for your ongoing efforts!
  • Maybe confusion about how the latest "stable" release (1.8.6) was finished so long ago was mistranslated into that the project has been halted since then... :| The betas are far from unplayable :D - at least for me!
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