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Why Cyberdemon fall down NOT go boom?

edited 2010 Aug 17 in DOOM
Something's been bugging me about the death animation for the 3D Cyberdemon model. In the sprite version, he blows up, leaving his hooves behind. In the 3D version, there's a slight explosion, then he wobbles and falls down. Why? Especially when all of the other 3D monsters' deaths are more or less spot-on AND there's 3D gib effects for the monsters blowing up?


  • Its just something that was never gotten around to in the jDRP. I was awaiting the proposed particle model generator feature which I'd planned to make use of here, shooting gibs off in all directions. Not long after support was implemented I joined dengteam and well, since then jDRP has't been updated.
  • So we shouldn't expect the long awaited replacement to the jdrp to come? That pack would be a very nice release. I haven't seen any update on a new texture pack for a while either. Things seem so inactive lately on the forum, even though the main website has some news updates. Did newdoom's death weaken the community?
  • I think we're partly to blame. We haven't exactly been making regular news updates. Its just hard to find the time when we know you'd prefer we were busy elsewhere :)

    Even so, for my part, I'm going to start making more regular news items about our progress.

    I think many users left NewDOOM and then took to hanging out elsewhere. For a long while the Doomsday forums where a big draw there and since we parted that (at the time) mutually beneficial relationship was lost. We are confident though that we can build up the numbers again but it would certainly help if those producing mods could be a little more public with them :-/

    jDRP however is simply just not on my radar atm. I'll return to it when the engine can do what I'd like for it, features wise. Feel free to make improvements to the models though.
  • I was thinking you might wait until you get 2.0 released. I think in the past you mentioned something about getting 2.0 done first before working on the jdrp again. Nice to know that things are still active though. :)
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