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Modding doom

I have experience with modding quake and half-life 1 - 2, and I wanted to take a spin at modding doom with doomsday engine(so I can have 3d models and such). quake and half-life both use sdks but I can't seem to find any sort of sdk for doom, so it would be much appreciated if someone could give me some tips at modding doom with the doomsday engine.


  • When you go to the main page and click on "Wiki", there is a host of information under both the Modding and References tabs.

    In the Modding>How-Tos section, it tells you for instance how to use DEDs (Doomsday Engine Definition files) with Doombuilder to make maps, yet in the References>Definitions section, you find out how to write DEDs.

    To make 3D models, you could use other model packs as a reference if you're confused beyond the scope of the wiki. I will say though that models must be in MD2 format, except for the "DMD"s, which are Deng custom models with LODs based off of MD2s, by altering them through Md2tool. Help for how to use Md2tool is found by, when running md2tool at the command line without specifying anything, and/or I think with "md2tool --help" in windows.
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