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Well, I finally (after all these months) started back up on the Corvus model, so it's kind of appropriate that you bring this up (as far as my personal life is concerned, anyway); I don't mind sending screenshots if it pleases people. I basically finished all I'm doing on the base human model, with modifications to be done on heads, shoes, etc. for other humanoid models. It just simplifies it, and the reason I'm doing this is because I've adapted the idea that I should sculpt high-poly models to bake onto the low-poly ones for good ambient occlusion and possible future normal maps! :) It doesn't hurt to leave the extra there, right? With the gargoyle, I did an over-simplified high-poly model after the fact, so the effect wasn't very good, and it won't ever have a normal map I don't think... :(
One could always be texture-generated, I suppose...

Anyway, I just have to keep going with this, otherwise I might stale out like last time!


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