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Availability of Legend: The Glory of Battle?

edited 2011 Dec 13 in Hexen
Is it still possible to get the "Legend: The Glory of Battle" mod anywhere? Or any of the other mods from Hexen Mage Tower? Their site is kind of broken and even the contact link doesn't work for me to get in touch with them.


  • I might have them still on another computer. I'll have to look and try to get them to you if I can.
  • The file should be available now. If not, then let me know.

    [Download Link]
  • Is this a TC, an expansion, or a mod (i.e. Is it all the same original maps, but with new enemy placements and stuff? Can I still solve puzzles and find secret levels using a walkthrough for the original Hexen?) And how do I set this up to run on the Snowberry frontend?
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