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Paused game after pressing Escape a bit buggy

edited 2009 Jun 19 in Technical Support
Heretic & Doom:

If you press Escape while playing the game is paused, but if the floor the player is standing has a height of -40 all projectiles will continue to fly if you press Escape then (they also can hit a wall or an enemy (and also kill them) then). Everything else is paused, but not the projectiles.


  • I've never heard reports of anything like this before. Please give us as much information as you can including which version of Doomsday you are using and what platform. Your doomsday.out would really help.
  • Latest DDay Beta 6.3 (8 June)
    Windows XP Service Pack 3.

    I also found out that even monsters are moving and shooting at you.

    Attached file is the Doomsday.out of Heretic and Doom.

    Here are also 2 Screenshots (where you can reproduce the bug, because those floors have a height of -40.
    Heretic: Map 02 (near the Blue Key Door)

    Doom: Map 01 (outside in that water area)

    Also tested other maps, like Heretic Map 01, it's also working there.
  • Milten is right. And a strange bug it is to.

    It seems that in Beta6.3, if you are standing on a floor with a height of -40, that mobj''s aren't paused when you open the menu (hence bad guys will continue to attack). Though everything else is paused.
  • Tried this out myself, and got the exact same thing.
  • Wow, that's pretty wacky. Also confirming the problem.
  • How very bizarre. Please submit a bug report and I'll investigate the problem.
  • I reported it.

    That was pure coincidence that I found that bug.
  • I've found and fixed the cause of the problem ready for the next release.

    The non-pausing was due to a test which presumed that if the player's Z view position was not equal to 1 (the default player view height is 41, so when on the floor of a sector at -40, that puts the player's view at 1 (-40+41 = 1)) then at least one tic had been run since the map was started (yeah I know, horrible or what). In otherwords, its a byproduct of an old DOOM.exe kludge (which is now history).
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