How to install add-ons now??

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So seeing as there is no more Snowberry folder or whateva its called, Where do I put the addons, after downloading them from the Torrent? I tried putting it in the Doomsday folder, and the "kickstart" thing will not detect it. Sure is confusing...


  • What version of Doomsday are you using?
  • Newest one 1.8.6
  • 1.8.6 is far from the newest one - the newest one is the 1.9 beta 6.8 as available from the top left corner of the main page.
  • And that Helps me How?? Does the Beta have support for add-ons?
  • Both 1.8.6 and the 1.9.0 betas support the same addons. What differs is the launcher that is included as part of the install on Windows. Kickstart is included with 1.8.6 and earlier whereas Snowberry (aka Doomsday Frontend) is for the 1.9.0 betas.

    Kickstart only features internal addon management for WAD and DED files. When using Kickstart with PK3/ZIPs you either need to put them in the auto folder or load them manually using the -file command line option.

    However, Snowberry features support for an additional set of addon formats which are used to combine multiple addons into one package. Addons in these formats have generally been put together with newer versions (i.e., the 1.9.0 betas) in mind. If the addon you want to use is in either the .addon or .box format then you will need to unpack it yourself and load it using one of the previously mentioned methods.
  • And that Helps me How?? Does the Beta have support for add-ons?

    It helps you get the latest version.
  • You people are no help at all... This doomsday engine is crap ZDOOM is better.
  • Eh? You haven't even asked a question so how can we possibly help?
  • If one can get zdoom to work. I think I did once but I could only load the original Doom and it was unchanged like playing it without a source port. I have no idea how to use fan-made wad level packs or graphical addons with zdoom. I think I spent a while trying to figure it out too, and I couldn't find addons for it either. Just an .exe for it. It didn't seem to have a launcher. Doomsday seems much easier.

    As for being of help, I have seen people post here and on New Doom and it is very common for people to go days or weeks without responding, if at all, but in my experience of being on other forums that are non-Doom, people often respond much more frequently and more quickly, even within an hour, often times. Not sure if that is what he means when he says 'people are of no help here' though.
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