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AMD 64-bit version for Linux?

edited 2010 Mar 10 in General
I'm using Linux Slackware 64-bit, version 13.0, with multiLib under GSB Gnome.

I was able to compile successfully deng-1.9.0-beta6.8, but the saved games do not load correctly -- I hear the monsters, but only see the "sky" scenery and the game is completely unplayable due to my inability to see what I'm doing. I have played with and without addons. Command line and snowberry. Same problem all the time.

Will the next version of Doomsday accommodate we 64-bit users ?

When will this version come out?


  • Official support for 64bit builds is currently in the works. As you've discovered, the save game system is one of the last bodies of code that remains incompatible (i.e., unusable). The save game system is to be rewritten for Beta 7 but as yet there has been no release date set (devlog).
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