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edited 2010 Feb 14 in DOOM
Hi everyone. Love the work that you are all doing in this project. I'm not sure if this is the right place to be posting this so please forgive me. But I have finally come up against a hurdle here. I'm trying to use set version 1.01 with doomsday 1.8.6 snowberry edition (windows version). I'm currently running windows 7 x64. The problem i'm having is conflicting resources which is preventing doomsday from loading up the game. In the box set directory when you open it up there is a directory called required. in that directory there are 4 files. the files are particles.pk3, miscfx.pk3, lightmaps.pk3 and genericmodels.pk3. These files are conflicting. If i remove the files everything loads up but obviously the game looks crappy with them removed. I cannot see these files anywhere in the pack other than this directory so I don't know why its conflicting. Is there something i'm doing wrong or is there another pack I should be using? I can't seem to find another pack especially catered to 1.8.6. This pack works fine in the 1.9.0 beta releases. Thanks for your help on this. much appreciated.
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