New Guitar-Oriented PK3 Music Pak for Hexen

Hi all,

I recently arranged and mixed new versions of the Hexen music composed originally by Kevin Schilder. A PK3 file is available on my website:

Go to Songs / Hexen Music File

You can listen to all of the tracks used in the game except for Hub, Hexen, Chess, and Orb in the Playlist on my YouTube channel:

You can hear Hall being played in the video Hexen Music PK3 File contained in the Playlist (should be last video listed, number 32).

Kevin did a wonderful job in creating the pieces for Hexen almost 30 years ago with limited technology, and this made it fairly easy to convert to new versions. These versions are more rock-oriented in that there are a lot of guitars in the group, along with heavy drums, etc. Other folks have gone more orchestral. For the original Hexen, I like a more pumped-up rendition.

Hope at least some of you enjoy it.

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