Help me to Fade corpses in 3d?

Greetings to everyone.

I wanted to know if there is any option or addon that removes corpses or provides me with a block of code to paste into the Doomsday Engine or any other option. I use 3D models in custom WADs with many monsters, and the performance decreases significantly. I know there is the option of LOD (Level of Detail) and maximum visible distance, but the models are not visually compatible, and I don't like how it looks. I prefer the 3D models of the corpses to disappear.

I'm using Doomsday_2.3.2-build3869_x64.

Thank you very much in advance to all who respond.


  • You could try the "game-corpse-time" cvar. With a game loaded, open the console and enter "game-corpse-time 20", and corpses should disappear in 20 seconds. You can set any number of seconds as the value.

    This cvar is available for Doom and Heretic.
  • Thank you so much for help me!
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