Animated textures in Heretic

Hi There... I have been poking around in here everywhere (except where I would find the answer without asking) I would love some help with animating some textures If someone could spare me the time. I have seen it and had success in GZDoom using ANIMDEFS and the same textures I want to use in doomsday... but who wants to use gzd anyway? When searching the Doomsday manual, I found that doomsday uses .ded files instead.

I did get it working enough to where I can tell that doomsday is reading and loading my .ded file, but I must still be doing something improperly. My results are... instead of displaying texture 1 then changing to 2 then 3, I just get flashing between black then texture 1. It never does change to 2 or 3, just black, tic tic tic texture1 then repeats. If I change the TIC count, the flashing is just slower or faster. It does recognize the flag first_only because my second test unit in the map, of the texture using texture 2 in the map keeps it from animating properly as it is described in the manual.

I am loading the .ded file like I would add a pwad. The loading order is the JHRP package, then my .wad file, then the .ded file.

The following is the script in the .ded file.

Group {
Flags = first_only
Texture { ID = "WALL10" Tics = 9 }
Texture { ID = "WALL11" Tics = 9 }
Texture { ID = "WALL12" Tics = 9 }

This particular texture is mostly transparent but I have also tried it on a texture that has no transparency with the same results. I hope there is someone there that can throw me a bone... Thanks for the help and a BIG THANKS to the entire DENG team for taking on this doomsday project in the first place. The work you have done is awesome.


  • Hi Starman! I want first to thank every member of the DENG team for that incredible port and its resources. But about your problem: I have the same problem in Doom2. I created long time ago a 32 level megawad ported to the 1.7.14 version, everything still works fine with that, including the custom texture animations. Now I am suffering with several problems trying the newest Doomsday on a new computer, one of them some missing animations. So that I think, the problem is engine related. To be sure, try your wad start with 1.7.14. Your code seems good. I am using the smooth flag, but the first_only also should work (if you placed wall10 of course). Other info: I checked the Doomsday log, and no error message found related to the custom animations (actually, firelava texture (not custom) has a bad sequence error in doom2).
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