Ray Tracing for Doomsday


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    I downloaded the prboom-rt version and played it.... very impressive, BUT....

    its pretty obvious that a lot things doesn't look right if you look closely .... its pretty well explained in the video....

    so the question should not "When?" but "How to make RT look authenic in such old games like DOOM, which were intended to have any lightning?"
  • Yeah, raytracing with honoring original assets and levels to make it look better but still looking kinda original artistic way
    , like PSX Doom like it partially is.
  • You are going to need to do proper material maps - gloss/roughness, metallic and normal for all the wall textures. Maybe start with an AI upscale pack. A lot of these projects deliberately turn all the gloss up out the ceiling as otherwise people will say "I can't see it!".
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