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I have never used CMake. And the last time I used an IDE that was not from Microsoft was Borland C++ 4.5? or DJGPP. Are there any good tutorials on how to get Visual Studio to compile and run this? I don't mind following instructions (RTFM) or a video. I have been trying to get VS 2019 to compile this properly all night. I would prefer to keep using it. The tutorials on Microsoft's page have been less than helpful. Thank you.


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    First of all, you should be using the stable branch. The master branch is not currently compatible with Visual Studio.

    The general steps are described in
    1. Install the dependencies.
    2. Run CMake (with "-G Visual Studio 16 2019") and let it know where your dependencies are via -D options. You will now have a Visual Studio Solution file that you can use the build everything.
    3. Open the Solution, build, and run the client executable.
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