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JDoom, JHexen and JHeretic

Hi, I'm new to this, and with so many ports I'm really confused, so what is JDoom, JHeretic, and JHexen? I downloaded Doomsday a few weeks ago and I really liked it, the lighting, the graphics, the interface, they are great, but then I discovered these j ports, I asked some friends what they are (they are the same ones who recommended doomsday to me). They told me that they are a source port that transforms everything into 3d models and that Doomsday has it integrated.
They confused me more, when I play, the models look like old doom, the figures always rotate to look good and not deformed, 2.5 d, I hope you understand me. what i want to get to is how do i make the models look real 3d, not 2.5 d? should i install something external or is it configurable from doomsday? in that case how do i configure it from doomsday? As i said i'm really confused

Oh, and i am using google translator because i don't live in U.S.A. or Canada or England or some other country like those, so i don't speak english, sorry if there is something wrong with my text. if that's the case notice me plz. :)


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