Server not being like vanilla experience, not sure why

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Hello guys,

I recently (re)installed a doomsday server, but it seems that now the game place some weapons at some places that should not be there.

like in doom2 first level, there is almost every weapon available at the start including bfg9000...

I would like to get a vanilla experience ... is there a new parameter that we have to set to get vanilla without extra stuff ?

Thanks in advance !


  • Is this co-op or deathmatch?

    Do you mean you'd like it to behave like in single-player mode? Vanilla multiplayer does spawn extra weapons as far as I can recall.

    There are cvars like "server-game-coop-noweapons" and "server-game-nobfg" that affect the spawning of weapons but they cannot be used to replicate single-player behavior since they affect all weapon spawning.
  • oh alright then :) thanks !
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    The original Doom only has singleplayer and multiplayer mobj spawns.

    It doesn't have separate spawns for Co-op and DM. In the original games, the multiplayer spawns are generally set up for DM.
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