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So, what comes next?

Any news concerning the next generation of Doomsday?
What is planned and what will it be like?
Or is the whole project on hold because of corona?
A short overview would be much appreciated.
Thank you very much!


  • Thanks for the reminder, I've been meaning to write a brief a update on the blog. But let's do it here: :)

    The short answer is that not much has been happening since 2.3.1 so the project has been effectively on hold. The COVID situation has certainly been a component, and the time I have had available has been spent with other, smaller and simpler projects.

    The next immediate work item is to fix the Windows build, where I hit a showstopper with performance of the planned build setup. I'll need to write some additional Windows-specific code (which I admit is not my favorite thing in the world) to get important capabilities like networking and process management working again in the master/3.0 branch. I've been considering releasing a partially-working unstable build on Windows but have decided against it so far.

    The grand plan remains the same, though, once I have the opportunity to dive back in.
    • The overarching goal is simplification, as exemplified by dropping Qt for 3.0.
    • The main attraction is the new renderer, to take advantage of the power in modern GPUs for better lighting, surface materials, and additional detail in the maps.
    • The new renderer is fully isolated from games, enabling bringing in new game plugins for different variants of DOOM. Porting ZDoom might be a bridge too far, but prBoom should be doable, for example. The purpose here is to expand mod compatibility.
    • An isolated renderer will also ultimately enable dropping much of old/crusty resource management and map data code. The intent is to really cut down on the number of C++ source lines, making builds faster, maintenance easier, and dev iteration quicker.
  • Cool, looking forward! B)
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